Integrating health into the vision of Just Transition

Novedades Junio 23, 2023

What is Just Transition? The lack of a universal consensus around the definition has led to multiple interpretations shaped by the interests of different stakeholders. While labor movements prioritize workers' rights and job security, environmental justice groups advocate for impacted communities. Multilateral institutions, investors, and transnational corporations view it through an economic lens. 

But in almost every case, the “health” factor is not included in the definitions. In a paper recently published in A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy, Shweta Narayan, Health Care Without Harm’s International climate and health campaigner, argues why health needs to be included in Just Transition.

“Placing health considerations at the foundation of conversations on a Just Transition acknowledges the urgent need to protect public health, promote equity, and address the health impacts of fossil fuel use. By prioritizing health in the transition away from fossil fuels, we can build sustainable, resilient communities and create a future that safeguards the well-being of both people and the planet,” explains Narayan. 

In a post-fossil fuel society, Just Transition is the missing link that connects social and labor justice, access to universal health and social protection, and environmental sustainability. Discover how health is a crucial pillar of Just Transition.

This paper is based on Health Care Without Harm’s Just Transition report, published in December 2022.