New guide: Reclaiming health activism in the age of climate crisis

Novedades Agosto 01, 2023

This campaign and advocacy document is a resource for health care professionals who want to harness their expertise and credibility as trusted voices to drive local, national, and global climate policy changes.

“Reclaiming health activism in the age of climate crisis” is a compelling campaign guide that draws inspiration from the rich history of health activism in effecting social change. This document aims to rally health professionals worldwide to take on a new challenge: Advocating for climate action.

Drawing on the historical successes of health professionals in driving reforms, this guide lays out a compelling case for why health professionals must become influential advocates for climate. It emphasizes the interconnections between climate change and public health, highlighting the escalating health risks posed by environmental degradation, extreme weather events, and the increasing burden of climate-sensitive diseases.

The campaign guide presents a carefully curated collection of case studies showcasing health professionals who have historically played pivotal roles in shaping public policies for clean air, safe drinking water, and other environmental health and social justice advancements. By highlighting these past victories, the guide aims to inspire present-day health professionals to harness their expertise and credibility as trusted voices to drive climate policy changes at local, national, and global levels.


The guide underscores the urgency of advocating for equitable and sustainable solutions. It equips health professionals with essential campaigning, advocacy, and communication tools to effectively engage with policymakers, communities, and colleagues, making the case for urgent climate action and tangible policy measures.

The guide goes beyond theory and rhetoric, providing actionable steps for organizing campaigns, hosting public awareness events, and collaborating with other advocacy groups to maximize their impact. It emphasizes the importance of multidisciplinary cooperation, encouraging health professionals to form alliances with environmental activists, social justice organizations, and policy influencers to foster a unified front against climate change.

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