Empowering health professionals as leaders in climate action

En las noticias Febrero 14, 2024

Health professionals possess a diverse and expansive role, with the power to influence policy, challenge social norms, and drive transformative change. Drawing from a rich history of advocacy, they are uniquely positioned to address pressing issues through the lens of public health and disseminate critical information to the broader public.

In a recent editorial piece published in BMJ, Shweta Narayan, Health Care Without Harm's International climate and health campaigner, health professionals are uniquely positioned to address the pressing issue of climate change through the lens of public health. By leveraging their influence, communicating the health risks, and tackling root causes, health professionals can be catalysts for change and the leaders of climate action.

Recent examples demonstrate health professionals' influential role in driving climate action. In Australia, our strategic partner, Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA), ran pro-climate campaigns ahead of federal elections, leading to a significant shift towards candidates with more robust climate policies. Similarly, in South Africa, our partner groundWork and the Vukani Environmental Justice Movement in Action successfully brought a case against the government regarding air pollution, securing a landmark court ruling affirming clean air as a constitutional right.

Amid the escalating climate crisis, health professionals must assume the role of advocates for change. Discover practical strategies in our guide to campaigning and advocacy tailored for health professionals:healthcareclimateaction.org/guide

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