“Healthcare professionals as a leading voice for climate action”

Novedades Febrero 11, 2022

Josh Karliner was interviewed by the Ikea Foundation and discussed the different initiatives Health Care Without Harm has to mobilize the health sector for climate action.

Josh Karliner


The role health care professionals can play, country commitments around decarbonization and resilience, and transformational system change are some of the topics Josh Karliner, International Director for program and strategy, Health Care Without Harm, discussed during the interview.

“For Health Care Without Harm, success looks like a total transformation of how healthcare is conceptualised and delivered in the 21st century. If we continue along the path we’re building, we’ll see a healthcare sector that’s well on its way to becoming a zero-emissions sector. It will also be more resilient in its infrastructure and systems, and more able to provide an anchor to enable communities to withstand the impacts of climate change”, he said.

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